How to survive a scorching camping day



Camping outside is great until the weather gets too unbearable and you can’t seem to find a shaded area to cool off. Even though summer is a great season to pack your bags and start wondering, it can get a nightmare if you don’t have the proper supplies and the essential item that can make your journey a tad more pleasant.



Never leave your home without a first aid kit. Because the outside world can be filled with all sorts of animals, bugs, bacteria, and rocks, you need to be certain that you have ways to take care of injuries. Put some plasters, creams, and mild painkillers because heat can trigger certain body reactions so you need to be prepared.


No matter what you do, always have a bottle of water with you. Dehydration is not fun at all and can make you feel worse. Symptoms vary from feeling lethargic, irritable to having digestive issues and even heat stroke. You can consider purchasing a cooler to keep your water cold and fresh. However, it would be even great to have a filter because stagnant water is the perfect environment for bacteria growth. Try to avoid as much as possible fizzy drinks filled with sugar as well as alcoholic beverages and coffee. These can make you feel worse then they would normally do because of the heat.


Now, let’s talk about clothing. People make a huge mistake and wear fewer clothes because they can’t bear the heat. Nevertheless, you mustn’t expose your skin because you risk getting burned. Opt instead for looser clothing made from pure cotton that allows your skin to breathe. Moreover, don’t wear dark clothes because these can attract mosquitoes and more heat. This way you end up with bites all over your body and covered in sweat. It’s better to get a hat and pastel colors which are neutral in terms of catching the sunlight.  



The majority of people don’t understand how vital it is to wear sunscreen. Just like drinking water, sunscreen can save your life. UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and can lead to Bowen’s disease or even skin cancer. Consult a dermatologist on a regular basis and try to buy creams that are made from natural ingredients and don’t have chemicals in their composition.  

The next item on your agenda should be the tent. To be more precise, the ventilation provided by this unit. Since tents absorb a lot of heat during the camping trip, they can become a genuine sauna. Therefore, make sure that you let some air in from time to time. Invest in a product that features a mosquito net at the entrance so you can rest assured your evenings will be quiet and bite-free.